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Updated 22 July 2010.

The Society is constantly searching for published items of karst/speleo relevance to either fill in the missing issues of runs of Serial / Periodical Journals that we hold in stock or to acquire to support some aspect of the Society's work.
The Society's PPP is the usual channel through which publications acquisitions are sought or sourced and obtained. The PPP Budget, comprising of contributions from the Society's Members, finances all such acquisitions.
A trawl through the Library Karst- and Speleo-Related Serials (Periodicals) Catalogue will indicate where the gaps exist in our current Serials Listings. However, less obvious are other current requirements of the Library Karst- and Speleo-Related Serials and Non-Serials Collections.
This webpage indicates just a few of the Serials or Individual Publications required by the Society and which are persistently unavailable.

The PPP currently requires the following items for the Society's Karst & Speleo Reference Library Facility :-

1....."BARLANGKUTATáS - H?HLENFORSCHUNG."  [Trans. = "Speleology."]..(the complete set of 17 Volumes in 27 Parts.)
Country of Origin :...Hungary.
Dates of publication : 1913 to 1944.

2....."BARLANGVILáG." [Trans. = "World of Caves".]..(the complete set of 27 Volumes.)
Country of Origin :...Hungary.
Dates of publication : 1927 to 1943.

3....."WIELKA ENCYKLOPEDIA GEOGRAFII SWIATA. Tom XVII. Kras i jaskinie" by Marian Pulina & Wiaczewslaw Andrejczuk.
Country of Origin :...Poland, (Poznan).
Date of publication : 2000.

4....."ENCYCLOP?DIA BIOSPEOLOGICA. Tome I." by Christian Juberthie & Vasile Decu (Eds). Société de Biospéologie,
Country of Origin :...Moulis (France) - Bucarest (Romania).
Date of publication : 1996.

5....."STYGOFAUNA MUNDI: A Faunistic, Distributional and Ecological Synthesis of the World Fauna Inhabiting Subterranean Waters, including the Marine Interstitial." Botosaneanu, L., (ed.).
Country of Origin :...Leiden, (The Netherlands).
Date of publication : 1986.

If you have any of the above publications for sale, please contact the Society to arrange a sale at a mutually agreeable price & suitable payment method.
Contact details are given on our Website Homepage.

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