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The Devon Karst Research Society
Plymouth - Budapest - Trebinje
Activities (Europe)
BiH Main Project :  The "PROTEUS PROJECT."
in the Trebišnjica River Basin, Eastern Hercegovina,
Bosnia & Hercegovina.
Click on the Link below for details of our Serials Title ISSN 1986-8359.
"Spelaeobiologica Bosniæ et Hercegovinæ
Monographs in Speleobiology and the Conservation-management of Karst 
Conduit-aquifer Ecosystems in the Dinaric Karst of Eastern Hercegovina, 
Bosnia & Hercegovina."
"Proteus Project" Monograph Vol.1. (Edn.1.) in the Series is now out of print.
(A fully revised & updated Vol.1. 2nd Edition is in pre-Press.)
("Proteus Project" Monograph Vol.2. in the Series is in preparation.)
Click on the Link below for details of our new Serials Title, ISSN 2490-3493.
"Observations in Speleology"
This is our new and more regular publication, focussing on our work in all of 
Bosnia & Hercegovina and providing further detailed insight into various aspects. 
Issues No. 1. (Dec. 2016)  No. 2. (May 2017) and No. 3. (Nov. 2017) in this Series 
are available for purchase.

Volunteering to become involved with the "Proteus Project"
Public Appeal for help with Speleobiological "Proteus Project"
in Bosnia & Hercegovina

The Devon Karst Research Society
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The Devon Karst Research Society
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The Devon Karst Research Society
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The Devon Karst Research Society
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Plan View Map of part of Estavela "Baba" (Strujići) in Popovo Polje.
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Welcome Note :
Welcome to the Home Page of The Devon Karst Research Society, Plymouth, Devon, England !
As well as functioning as a conduit of information for the Society's Members, 
this Website also aspires to inform and educate interested non-Members via the bulk of its Public Access Pages.
Plymouth - Budapest - Trebinje
Origin and General Aims :
The Society was founded on 20 November 1976 in Plymouth as a result of the locally high level of interest shown by speleologists wishing to create a specialist group committed to promote, resource and devise research projects associated with the full range of the karst sciences (karstology) in addition  -rather than exclusively-  to the cave sciences (or speleological) aspect of karstology.
The name of the group was originally "Devon Karst Research" which was subsequently changed to "The Society of the Devon Karst Research". This was then changed again to the current form.
The Society does not promote or support "recreational" caving activities as a sport within Devon. 
Practical and technical physical caving, together with associated training,is supported only as a necessary part of speleological research and is undertaken in the larger caves of the UK that are able to withstand such activities. Many of our larger caves in Devon, including some of our SSSI Caves, have been permanently and very badly affected by "recreational caving" and so called "adventure caving" activities, the latter often being undertaken as uncontrolled commercial enterprises within supposedly State protected areas.
Present Status :
The Society operates as an independent NGO within the "not-for-profit" voluntary sector. It is not, at this present time, a Registered UK Charity although, because of a strong altruistic element in its Activities governed 
by a formalised de facto Foreign Policy, it may be regarded without doubt as being a philanthropic or benevolent organisation.
We work with many professional individuals and we also have many who are Members, but none can ever be employed as salaried or unsalaried staff by the Society. We do not waste vast sums of money on bureaucracy or self-administration, because we have unusual Rules that accompany the roles of our Officers.
In the important matters of scientific research in our speleological and karstological programmes, we are completely open-minded in the direction of investigations and we are inventive, innovative and resourceful in developing new research methods.  As a result, the Society remains true to its original principles and ideals.
Membership :
Ordinary Membership of the Society is open to anyone above the age of 18 who has an interest in pursuing the multidisciplinary sciences of speleology and karstology (i.e. non-recreational caving activities), which includes speleobiology, karst hydrology, karst geomorphology, cave & karst conservation and Environmental Analytical Chemistry etc..
Management :
Management of the Society's financial and material assets is undertaken by an elected Honorary [Executive] Membership, whose Officers are also responsible for the management of the Society's routine business such as Membership Registration, Insurances and General Enquiries. 
Policies and their changes in respect of Activities and objectives are decided upon by all Members at General Meetings.
As a result, the Society's Executive (or Council) is responsible for implementation and development in matters of, for example:-
   -  UK and International Research Programmes and offering and managing the relevant Project Research Assistantships;
   -  Educational Programme, including Public Talks and Lectures;
   -  The Plymouth-based Library Facility, its Collections and its Academic & Bibliographic Services;
   -  Use and Maintenance of Surface and Underground Scientific Field Equipment in both Plymouth (UK) and Trebinje (BiH);
   -  Use and Maintenance of Technical Underground Caving Equipment in both Plymouth (UK) and Trebinje (BiH);
   -  Karst and Cave Conservation and Preservation;
   -  Public Service Programme;
   -  de facto Foreign Policy, which includes the Overseas Science Programme;
   -  Internal Training; 
   -  Safety;
   -  Production of a Publication(s);
   -  Recruitment and management of casual external volunteers to assist with all project work,
..... within the framework of the statements in the Clauses, Paragraphs and Sections of the Society's Constitution.
Office & Documentation : 
The Society's Office (not permanently staffed) is located in its Plymouth Reference Library & Archive Facility at :-
.....46, Morley Court, Western Approach, 
.....Devon,  PL1  1SJ.,
.....England, U.K.
Prospective.(non-Member) callers are requested to telephone or e-mail in advance of visiting :-
.....Tel  + (44) (0)7776207621
.....or by e-mail :..karstcentral@netscape.net
The Hon. Secretary also may be contacted at :- 
.....Tel + (44) (0)1752 309904.
.....or by e-mail :  ajsatterley@blueyonder.co.uk
Publications :
The Society published the first of a new Series of Monographs in December 2010., relating directly to the results of its principal science programme in Bosnia & Hercegovina. 
The Monograph Series Title / Sub-Title is :-...."Spelaeobiologica Bosniæ et Hercegovinæ.
Further details can be obtained from our "Proteus Project" webpages on this Website, available via a Link in the left-side column of this page.

Whilst continuing with the Monograph Series detailed above, it was decided in 2016 to produce a more regular, though physically smaller, publication series "Observations in Speleology".
As with the Monograph series, the content of this second publication series also relates directly to the results of its principal science programme in Bosnia & Hercegovina, offering one or more Articles
within each Issue.....ISSN :  2490-3493.
Further details can be obtained from our "Proteus Project" webpages on this Website, available via a Link in the left-side column of this page.
Public Lectures :
The Society is available from time to time and by appointment, to offer educational talks and research lectures.
Subjects range in scope from the project at Cattedown to our more exotic foreign scientific programme in Bosnia & Hercegovina. These range in scope from simple talks, presentations or lectures to full multimedia presentations.
Details of the extremely interesting work we are undertaking in Bosnia & Hercegovina with the conservation and protection of karst ecosystems and endangered hypogean species is now available in the UK.and 
offers exclusive access to some of the most amazing video footage of the hidden underworld of the Dinaric Karst.  We also offer a range of films covering karst and cave research in the Dinaric Karst and elsewhere in Eastern Europe.  Our charges vary according to the subject covered and duration and type of talk or lecture and the venue for the event.  All funds thus raised go towards our project in Bosnia & Hercegovina.
Logo :
It was not until 1998 that the Society's Logo was created. The Logo illustrates a cave profile, whose outline is the shape of the English County of Devonshire superimposed on a matrix of the standard geological graphic representation of karstified limestone. The whole is embellished with bats and contained within inner and outer circles, within the annulus of which is inscribed the name of the Society.

Links or contact details to recommended Professional Academic Institutions specializing in aspects of Karst Research :
For those who are interested in pursuing the multi-disciplinary science of karstology further, we can recommend the following Institutions, which can be accessed on the World Wide Web via the Links provided :-
of the Slovene Academy of Sciences and Arts,
Postal Address :  Znanstvenoraziskovalni Center, Slovenske Akademija Znanosti in Umetnosti, Inštitut za Raziskovanje Krasa, Titov trg 2, SI-6230 POSTOJNA, R. Slovenia.
Postal Address :..Slovenské múzeum ochrany prírody a jaskyniarstva, Školská 4., 031 01 LIPTOVSKÝ MIKULÁŠ, Slovensko.
Postal Address :..Društvo za jamsko biologijo / Society for Cave Biology, Oldhamska c. 8a., Sl-4000 KRANJ, Slovenija.
Herpetological Association in Bosnia and Hercegovina:
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The Devon Karst Research Society


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