The Devon Karst Research Society.
Part 5.3.  Eastern Herzegovina.
Gacko Polje, BiH-RS Trebinje Region - Gacko Municipality.

Updated 20 May 2007.

GP Section 6. Webpage Contents :

Понори  -  Ponori :

1. Gatačko (Malo) Polje - Гатачко (Мало) Поље :
Section 6.0.1...kod selo Srđevići - код село Срђевићи.
Section 6.0.2...kod selo Bašići - код село Башићи.
Section 6.0.3...kod selo Stolac - код село Столац.

2. Gatačko (Veliki) Polje - Гатачко (Вeлики) Поље :
Section 6.0.4...kod selo Dobrelji - код село Добрељи.
Section 6.0.5...kod selo Bobotovo Groblje - код село Боботово Гробље.

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Section 6.0.    PONORS  -  ПОНОРИ  -  PONORI :

As with the other karst polja of Eastern Herzegovina, the ponors of Gatačko Polje are situated within the lower elevations of the Donje (Lower) Polje area of the Veliki (Great) Polje or within the Malo (Small) Polje. The Austro-Hungarian Map as given on our Gatačko Polje Homepage clearly illustrates some of the main ponors and their locations within the whole area of the polje. However, there are also many other ponors to be considered. This webpage will detail all ponors known to us, as at the revision date of this webpage.
Until recently, the historical re-naming of some of the small settlements together with the apparent dual naming of some of the Ponors in the Malo (Lower) Polje area over the period of the past 100 years, has generated some confusion as to exactly which ponor is located in which place.

The karst hydrology and underground connections of some of these ponors is detailed elsewhere (Section 2.0.) of the Gatačko Polje Webpages.

Even a modest description of the Gatačko Polje ponors requires a considerable amount of webpage space, which is why we have constructed this Section in various sub-divisions dealing with the individual or groups of ponors in and around specific locations.

In the left-side column, we provide direct Links to each of these sub-divisions, which are also directly navigable via Links on the Website Directory Page.

The sub-divisions currently web-published here, cover some of the individual ponors or groups of ponors in the Gatačko (Malo) Polje area associated with the Rijeka Mušnica and in the Gatačko (Veliko) Polje area associated with the Potok Ljeljinak. Other ponors will be covered in the future when data becomes available.

The area of Ponikve is not yet dealt with.

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