The Devon Karst Research Society & Speleološko Društvo "Zelena Brda"
Istočna Hercegovina, Bosna i Hercegovina.
Источна Херцеговина, Босна и Херцеговина,
Fatnica Polje, Eastern Herzegovina, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

updated 28 August 2004.

Section 16.0.    KARST GEOMORPHOLOGY  -

16.1.    GENERAL :
This classic closed polje exhibits all the usual karst geomorphological features such as ponors, springs, estavelles, caves, vertical shafts etc. All such features are dealt with individually in great detail elsewhere in the Fatničko Polje webpages. Section 17. is dedicated more to illustrating the exokarst of the polje.

16.2.    EXOKARST :
The polje exhibits many of the expected exokarst, or exposed karst features. These are mainly confined to areas of the Lower Polje and include natural arches, limestone pavements and a diverse range of karrenforms, as are illustrated in the images below.

Photo 16.2-1.  A general view of the area with a natural arch (above-centre right.)
(Photo :  B. Lewarne, 05 March 2002.)

Photo 16.2-2.  A detailed view of the small natural arch or bridge.
(Photo :  B. Lewarne, 05 March 2002.)

Photo 16.2-3...A view of the area polje-floor margins to the south-east of the Pasmica Ponor Zone.
(Photo :  Dubravko Kurtović, 11 November 2001.)

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