The Devon Karst Research Society & Speleološko Društvo "Zelena Brda"
Istočna Hercegovina, Bosna i Hercegovina.
Источна Херцеговина, Босна и Херцеговина,
Fatnica Polje, Eastern Herzegovina, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

updated 17 July 2002.

Section 12.0.    DOLINES & UVALAS  -  VRTAČE i UVALE  -  ВРТАЧЕ и УВАЛЕ :

These are in their greatest concentrations on the karst plateaux (= zaravan) areas between Fatničko and Dabarsko Polja and at Pađeni and again further east on the Plana zaravan. In these areas, the karst terrain is difficult to cross and is covered with very thin soil which supports scrub, bush and dwarf tree growth.

Details will be given in due course.

more to follow

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