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Archive Reports on Project Work in
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("Proteus Project" Work in Bosnia & Hercegovina)
(Digital and Hardcopy Documents, 
Digital Photographic, Digital Videographic)
Hardcopy / Digitized "Blue Files" Reports.
Videographic / Photographic records.


(supporting "Proteus Project" Work in Bosnia & Hercegovina)
Contemporary Aerial Photogrammetry Data
(Vectored and un-Vectored)
R.Bosna i Hercegovina.
SFRJ Topographic Maps NR/SR BiH,
Scales 1 : 50 000., 1 : 25 000.; 1 : 2 500 & 1 : 1000 

SFRJ Topographic Maps SR Montenegro, SR Hrvatska,
Scales 1 : 50 000., 1 : 25 000

Geological Maps BiH., R Montenegro, R Hrvatska,
Scales 1 : 50 000., 1 : 25 000

BiH Historical Maps (Military & Civil) from the Austro-Hungarian Empire
Scales 1 : 75 000.; 1 : 50 000.; 1 : 2 500.; 1 : 1562.5.

Archive Reports on Project Work in Croatia
Archive Reports on Project Work in the former Czechoslovakia
Archive Reports on Project Work in Hungary
Archive Reports on Project Work in Poland
Archive Reports on Project Work in Romania
Archive Reports on Project Work in Slovakia
Archive Reports on Project Work in Slovenia

The Society's Archive was originally set up by the Group's Founders in 1976 in parallel with, but separately from, the Library Collections, as a secure repository for karst information donated to the Society and which may be of Commercial, Military or other special Confidential value, as determined by the donor. The donor may often stipulate that such material is given to the Society on the strict understanding that access to the documents can only be given to the Society's Members for academic purposes and that under no circumstances will it be copied, published or made publicly available.
This situation is current and by acknowledging the existence of such a Facility, the Society continues to receive such restricted-access material, of karst or cave relevance, which may otherwise be destroyed or stored in other archives and be totally lost to the academic world. 
The general evolution of the Society's Archive over the intervening years has meant that it has also become a repository for the Society's unpublished records relating to its own exploits. It should be noted that normal books or other publications which may be regarded as being of historical value - (for example, such as those which were published in the 19th century or early 20th century) - are not entered into the Archive. These are regarded as Reference Library acquisitions and are catalogued as such.
The Photographic, Film, Sound and Document Archives date from the inception of the Archive Facility but it was not until 1983 that the now extensive Video Archive came into being.
In 1999, the Digital Photographic / Videographic Archive was begun.
....................................................General Description of Types of Contents : 
  • Un-published DKRS material :  Examples are Internal Reports, Memoranda, Aide-Memoires, Notices, Minutes & Records of Official Meetings, Financial Records, pre-publication Journal proofs, Correspondence Files, information files, sound, film and video digital files, photographs, photographic-positive and -negative film and Project Report Files;
  • Un-published PhD Theses or other similar academic material of karst relevance;
  • Un-published or published other documentation as specified :...(no examples given);
  • Published or unpublished material with "Restricted" circulation or access as requested by the donor / author / publisher :...Examples are Geo-technical Reports / Evaluations / Maps / Plans / Charts etc. of karst or cave sites in, on or beneath commercial or domestic premises or military installations or sites and having "In Confidence", "Commercial - In Confidence" or a UK or Foreign Military "Restricted Access" Status.
  • Foreign Policy Archive was set up in 2004 in response to the developing situation with "Proteus Project" work in the Dinaric Karst of Bosnia and Hercegovina. It contains :- 
    • Special FP Archive, for all Science Project Information in Bosnia & Hercegovina, Croatian (Dalmatian) Hercegovina and Montenegrin Hercegovina - "BLUE FILES" (hard-copy and digital formats) - containing reports on projects specific to the science programme in those countries. Many of the reports have now been published for limited academic circulation;
    • Special Combined FP Archive, for all material relating to the Karst Territories of the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in R. Bosnia and Hercegovina, R. Crna Gora (Montenegro) and Croatian Dalmatia, which forms a specialised information research resource supporting the Society's Science Projects in Bosnia and Hercegovina and Crna Gora. In itself, this contains a large specialist Map Collection, with coverage in 1 : 50 000., 1 : 25 000., 1 : 2 500 and 1 : 1 000 Scales, together with much other data relating to the Dinaric Karst Territories. Some of this material is historic, whilst other material is contemporary.

    • Also included in the contemporary material is a range of very-high resolution digitized Aerial Photogrammetry Images of parts of the Dinaric Karst in Eastern Hercegovina.
The Society is now in the process of digitizing much of its photographic negative / positive film archive for easier access.
Unfortunately, our Archive Catalogues have not yet been constructed or formatted as true digital databases, with active Title / Subject / Author / Key-word search characteristics.
The entire Archive Collection is currently being catalogued. It will never be available to non-members. This Catalogue is, necessarily, very detailed in order to provide a comprehensive coverage of all the individual contents of each Archive File, whether of Hardcopy Document, Film, Video, Sound or Digital format. It is usual for several items and formats to be related to each other within a single project. Thus, the problem of producing a meaningful on-line Catalogue becomes evident.
1..UK (Domestic) Archive :
Excluding the Society's own administrative documentation, the current scheme of organizing the extensive UK (Domestic) Archive into karst area-specific files, for ease of access to specific information, has meant that individual Archive Document Files may contain discrete reports etc. which have a "restricted access" imposed upon them by the donor source. 
The result is that this system has rendered much of the Archive Document Files unavailable for perusal by non-members in order to maintain a strictly imposed "Rule of Confidentiality" on the secure Archive. Many of these Documents are also kept in digital format.
The Library and Archives also retain any Newscuttings that are relevant to Caves, Caving or Speleology and which has been published in the local, national or international daily / weekend newspapers & associated supplements. If of local interest or relevance, these are usually lodged within the appropriate Archive Document File
If such material is of national or international significance, these will usually be catalogued as acquisitions and entered into the Library Catalogue.
...Access :
To extend the scope of accessibility to the UK Domestic Archive Catalogue for non-Members and for academic purposes only, we are now segregating this particular Archive Catalogue into two sections; restricted access material and un-restricted access material.  "Access" in this instance relates to the Catalogue itself, rather than access to the material listed in the Catalogue. 
The cataloguing process is unlimited because new material is always being added. 
So, rather than waiting for a "near complete" situation to arrive, we have decided to start making the Catalogue of the un-restricted access material available soon, via the Catalogue Download Page. As previously indicated above, all Items which are related to each other within a single Project or sub-Project, will be grouped and catalogued together under the relevant Project or sub-Project Title name, rather than alphabetically by Item Name (as with the main Library Catalogue) or by accession number. Entries of the Project or sub-Project names will be made in alphabetical order.
Further than this it is not possible to go at this time without compromising the security of this particular Archive.
2..Special Foreign Policy Archive 
for the Society's "Proteus Projects" in Bosnia & Hercegovina :
The current scheme of organizing this Archive is by way of allocating material in all formats into sub-Project relevance.
Each sub-Project may relate to a particular cave or cave-system or a more generalised activity.
...Access : 
There is no reason in principle why this particular Archive Catalogue cannot be made fully accessible and this will be done when the UK (Domestic) Archive Catalogue is largely online.
3..Special Combined Foreign Policy Archive
for supporting the Society's "Proteus Projects" in Bosnia & Hercegovina :
This Archive contains various items in various formats, which are needed to support the main objectives in Bosnia & Hercegovina.  
Some of this material is of BiH-Government origin given to us unofficially by sympathisers.
...Access : 
There is no reason in principle why some of this Archive Catalogue cannot be made accessible in the future.

4..General Foreign Policy Archive
for the Society's Project work in other Central-eastern & South-eastern European Countries :
This Archive contains various items in various formats, which 

Members may access the complete Archive Catalogues held in the Library & Archive Facility at any time. 
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