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updated 06 June 2017

This part of the Society's Website is being reconstructed and expanded. The previous links to individual projects within the webpages detailing the Society's Activities (UK), should continue to work. There may be some duplication of material between the old and the new pages, whilst we attempt to run them in parallel during the reconstruction.
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A detailed interpretation of the karst hydrogeology of Devon remains largely unresolved. It is much needed by the Statutory Agencies and Local Government in order to enable them to make competent decisions in respect of where and where not to quarry limestone or introduce landfill operations etc etc. The fact that there is no such interpretation for the Competent Authorities to refer to accounts for the fact that Devon's Karst and karst water resources have been -and continue to be- much degraded by such operations. By bringing together many of the results of individual projects within our science programme, a framework for the karst hydrogeology will develop.
In particular, by investigating and defining ......

...... a karst hydrogeological framework will evolve.

more to follow

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