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updated 11 June 2006

The Society's Activities are science-led and, at any given time, often vary according to external influences. The back-ground scientific programme is diverse and interdisciplinary and relies upon the available man-power and material resources for progress.
An indication of some of the facets of the science programme is given below via the primary Links. Each subsequent page then contains further Links for more detailed information.
It should be noted that the pages accessed by the Links below are undergoing redesign and text-revision and expansion.

 1...Karst Geomorphological Mapping Programme (Devon)

 2.. Geological Mapping of Limestone Outcrops (Devon); [Inactive].

 3. .UK Karst Hydrological Programme (Devon Section)

 4.. Karst Hydrogeology of Devon

 5.. International Karst Hydrological Programme;  [Inactive].

 6. .Karst Morphogenesis and Speleogenesis (Devon).

 7.  Karst Hydro-stratigraphy (Devon);   [Inactive].

 8. .Melioration of Karst Sinks (Devon);  [Inactive].

 9. .Conservation & Preservation of Karst and Caves (Devon);  [Inactive].

10...Public Service Programme (Devon). [Inactive].

Other aspects of the Society's U.K. Activities may be associated with specific localised projects, which are presently inactive. The results of past research may, however, be of educational interest to a wider audience. Such project work is accessible via the Links on the page containing the Society's Educational Programme and includes substantive information about selected Bone Caves of Plymouth and District.
    Geological Mapping of Limestone Outcrops (Devon) : 
    This is necessarily a very time-consuming occupation and cannot be achieved by means of a desk-top study. Although we are now beginning to benefit by the publication of more representative Geological Surveys of scale 1: 50 000 by the NERC, they remain unsuitable for the more detailed mapping required for our purposes. The greater detailed Geological Surveys to a scale of 1:10 000 are generally too expensive for us to acquire. This means that we have to walk the boundaries and relate our observations to a set of Ordnance Survey Plans of scale 1: 2 500., which is coincidentally a good working scale on which to plot all other karst details. The physical limits of several karst- hydrogeological units have been resolved and plottted to the best of our knowledge, although all such Plans are subject to continuous updating. This programme is permanently on-going.
      International Karst Hydrological Programme :
      This Section of the Society's work is now also contained in a separate page via a Link. This Section is large and will comprise mainly of Databases relating to Hydrometric Results and Physico-chemical data of karst water analyses from sites in Central Eastern Europe. The Databases on this page will be under construction for a considerable time insofar as they are being loaded with data spanning 15 years.
      We shall be using Microsoft Excel software programmes to construct and enable the Databases.
      The Databases on this page will be Write-accessible by collaborating users abroad, who will be able to load data as and when necessary.
      Other background information relating to general principles of methodology are already available via the Links on the Fatnicko Polje Pages, found in the Section of this Website detailing the Society's ACTIVITIES (EUROPE). 

more to follow

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